"I've been Gary's client for 15 years. He has pulled my ass out of the fire - and even better, prevented me from putting my ass in the fire - so many times I can't even count. For high-tech business in Seattle, you can't get any better.

"Specifically, he's helped me with the founding of multiple high-tech companies, acquisition of one my businesses, employment contracts, and business contracts that helped me avoid litigation. He's also helped me win a good out-of-court settlement, and he won a case for me that had the misfortune to go to litigation.

"By far the most valuable has been his clear and astute legal advice in the area of high-tech business.

"Highly recommended"


My business originally hired Gary to draft our client contract for designing Web sites back when they were still very rare and there were a ton of gray areas to deal with legally. He did such a great job, we ended up using him for all our legal needs. He has handled litigation, HR issues, Intellectual Property issues, contract negotiations, etc. etc. I haven't felt the need to find additional resources. He has always been very responsive. His counsel has been very valuable... even if his advise is to not have him do any more work on a lost cause. He always takes our best interests to heart. After working together for such a long time, he knows what our level of acceptable risk is and factors that into his advise. In this way, he is like the family doctor who knows you better than you know yourself.

Gary always amazes me with his depth of knowledge. Whether we are dealing with a Fortune 500 client, or a small business start-up, he is never stumped... nor does he ever back down. He uses his knowledge to take on any size issue... and cannot be bullied. I really appreciate this.

So it all comes down to trust. I absolutely trust Gary's advise... no matter what the subject... if he feels strongly about a position, so do I. I would recommend him for any legal consultation without reservation.

"Absolute Trust... unconditional"

- Karlb

"Having Gary represent me was the best legal decision I made this year. I had a dispute with a rather large company and he managed my relationship with them fantastically. He made it go from adversarial to cooperative all the while keeping me relaxed and feeling good about my situation, yet honest about the realities of my circumstances.

"He was sensitive about my finances and worked with me on structuring payments. Gary did a wonderful job of keeping me informed and I never felt left out of the loop. He even went out of his way by giving me freebie's here and there that he didn't have to do.

"I got the sense Gary really cared about me and my situation and genuinely did his best job in the most efficient manner possible. I would without hesitation recommend Gary Marshall."


Gary has provided me with cost-effective, timely, and appropriate services. He's helped me do the things that my (very) small business needed. In particular he's assisted with contract negotiation, trademark registration, and copyright issues. I will always turn to Gary when I need help.

I feel that Gary has the expertise to help any client but small clients in particular can benefit from his services. He's done a good job of communicating with me, meeting deadlines, and giving me enough personal attention so that I felt involved with the process. And he knows what he's doing, too. That last part is paramount, of course.

"Excellent Advisor"

- James

"I've worked with Gary on a number of business and personal legal issues, and have found him to be smart, to the point, responsive, and super helpful in all cases. He's got a great breadth of knowledge and an approach that works for those of us who aren't actually lawyers."

"Gary == Awesome"


Peer Endorsements

Family Law Attorney in Seattle, WA - 9 months ago
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

"I strongly endorse Gary Marshall to members and users of the legal community. I am a Collaborative / Family Law attorney, and I also work as a Mediator. My work with clients is focused on getting my clients the information they need to reach an out-of-court resolution of their case that reflects their sense of fairness and justice. On many occasions during my work with clients issues outside my area of expertise are raised. When the issue is related to contract drafting and analysis, pension valuations, or intellectual property issues I call on Gary's expertise. On all occasions I have found Gary's work to be accurate, of great use to my clients, and cost-effective. I highly recommend Gary's services."

--Kevin Scudder, Family Law Attorney, Seattle, WA


"I endorse this lawyer. I have known Gary for twenty-five years. He does excellent work. I do not hesitate to send my clients to him when they have a legal problem within his practice area. I enjoy talking to him about legal issues. I will call him when I have a difficult legal problem, and want someone to bounce some ideas off of. And he will do the same with me."

--Roberta Doyle, Family Law Attorney, Seattle, WA


I have consulted Gary on several occasions regarding litigation and intellectual property matters and found him to be knowledgeable, practical and experienced. In addition, I have referred clients to him where his particular expertise was needed, and would not hesitate to refer him in the future.

- Lauren Burgon, Business Attorney

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