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Publications by Gary Marshall

The following publications may be viewed online (using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader) and may be downloaded and printed for your personal use. You may also share them among your friends and colleagues, provided that you do not charge for them, and you share the entire document without making any modifications, changes or deletions. Commercial use is not permitted without the express permission of the author.

Publications for Entrepreneurs

Top Ten Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (and how to avoid them) (pdf file): Advice on how to avoid the most common legal mistakes that entrepreneurs make when starting and growing a business.

Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing Agreements Top Ten (pdf file): The ten most important factors you should keep in mind when drafting licensing agreements.

Legal Issues for Online Sellers (pdf file): An overview of the legal issues you need to be aware of as an online seller.

Legal Issues for Online Publishers (pdf file): An overview of the legal issues you need to be aware of as an online publisher.

Publications of General Interest

Top Ten Intellectual Property (IP) Traps for Lawyers and their Clients (pdf file): An overview of the legal issues you need to be aware of as an online publisher.

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Gary Marshall's Technology Law Blog

Contacting the Copyright and Trademark Offices




Publications for Artists

Copyright Basics (pdf file): A brief overview of Copyright law - the basic form of legal protection for most artistic works, including maximizing protection for your works, copying someone's else's works, recent changes in copyright law and the impact of the Internet.

Dangerous Talk: Speech and the Law (pdf file): A basic overview of speech law, including the ongoing battle between the constitutional protections of First Amendment Free Speech and Freedom of the Press versus restrictions on criminal and obscene speech, personal liability for harmful effects of speech, defamation (libel and slander), and rights of privacy and publicity, and how this balance is changing in the past September 11th world.

Publication and other Literary Contracts (pdf file): An overview of publication contracts and agent agreements, including what to ask for and what to look out for. Also covers the basics of simple contracts you should be writing in the course of the ordinary day-to-day business of being a writer

Electronic Rights and the Writer (pdf file):A guide to the ever changing world of electronic rights for writers. The Publishing Market is increasingly turning to electronic distribution on the Internet, computers, E-books, cell phones, iPads and other types of mobile electronic devices. In a way this is the new wild west for writers. Because it is a market that is expanding rapidly and changing all the time, the rules regarding electronic rights are also changing all the time..


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