Why Choose Me As Your Attorney

Why should you consider hiring my small firm practice instead of or in addition to going to a large downtown Law Firm? I can offer the same advantages as the downtown firms with none of the disadvantages of large firms.

  • High Quality Work. I have twenty five years of experience in general business and intellectual property law and litigation, along with government and business experience before that. I understand that you need practical legal advice that helps you to make informed business decisions.
  • Better Case Management. For small and medium sized legal projects, I often have better case management than the downtown law firms. Because I do all of my own work, I usually have a better sense of what is going on with your case than the lead contact in a downtown firm. When you hire me to do the work, I am the one that gets the work done. This is especially an advantage in complex commercial litigation.
  • More Personal Service. I answer my own telephone. You do not have to go through a secretary, associate or paralegal to reach me. Every time you call, you get me. And you get the same person each time you use my services. Over time I get to know your business and your business style. I can focus on providing legal assistance within the overall context of your business concerns. I have chosen to work in an environment where I can also take the time to get to know my clients rather than having to bill every hour of my time.
  • Lower Cost. Because I have lower overhead than downtown firms, I can pass some of the savings on to you in lower hourly rates. And because I do all of my own work there is no time spent training junior associates or bringing other attorneys up to speed on your case, at your expense.
  • Better Legal Referrals. You may think that solo practice is the smallest law firm in town. It is actually the largest. When you have a legal problem that is outside of my area of practice, I can refer you to any other attorney in town, regardless of their law firm affiliation. I take the time to find the best fit for you. In a big law firm, there is pressure to cross-sell by referring you to another lawyer in the same firm, even if that attorney is not a good fit for you. One of my clients had a dispute with the securities firm of Merrill Lynch. I found him the best Merrill Lynch fighting lawyer in town, and he won a multi-million dollar judgment which Merrill Lynch paid.
  • Fewer Business Conflicts. In most cases, a lawyer can not take on a case or pursue a strategy that is harmful to any other client of that lawyer’s firm. It has been reported that an attorney in a big firm working on a securities case who needed to subpoena banks was prevented from doing so because his law firm considered it adverse to potential future banking clients. You will not have that problem with me. I have never represented large companies and am not afraid to take them on.



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