Contacting the Copyright and Trademark Offices

U.S. Copyright Office

You can reach the U.S. Copyright Office at There is a toll-free help line at 1-877-476-0778. The physical address is:

Library of Congress
U.S. Copyright Office
101 Independence Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20559-6000
(202) 707-3000

A good place to start is with Copyright Office Circular #1 - Copyright Basics or the Copyright Basics brochure available for download from this website under “Resources”.

The Copyright Office’s preferred method of registration is on-line. The Copyright Office has a form available on it’s web site that you can fill in and submit on-line. The registration fee for filling out this form on-line is currently $35.00. You can also fill in a different form on-line, print it out and submit it by mail. This fill-in form is fairly new, and is called the Form CO. The fee for using this form is currently $50.

Traditionally, the Copyright Office used a series of paper forms for registration. These forms are still available. The fee for using these forms is currently $65.

The registration procedures have changed recently. The Copyright Office treats these changes as an experiment, subject to further change. You should check with the U.S. Copyright Office for the latest procedures and fees.

U.S. Trademark Office

You can reach the United States Patent and Trademark Office through The Assistant Commissioner for Trademarks, 2900 Crystal Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22202-3513, General Trademark or Patent Information (703) 308-HELP (4357), Automated (Recorded) General Trademark or Patent Information (703) 557-INFO and at

Trademark forms are available for viewing online and printing using Adobe PDF format at A good staring point is the brochure Basic Facts About Registering A Trademark which is available in printed form from the Trademark office. It is also available for viewing online and as a downloadable text file at

State Trademark Offices


Contact the State of Washington, Secretary of State, Corporations Division, 505 E. Union, 2nd Floor, P.O. Box 40234, Olympia, WA 98504-0234, 360 753-7115. Their general web site is Trademark registration forms are available at


Contact Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division, 255 Capitol Street N.E., Suite 151, Salem, Oregon 97310, (503) 986-2200. Their general web site is Trademark registration forms are available at


Contact California Secretary of State, Business Programs Division, 1500 11th Street, Sacramento, California 95814, general: (916) 653-6814, trademarks: (916) 653-4984. Their general web site is Trademark forms are available at

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